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Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA, USA
June 14-September 9 2018


Events Beyond Words

Curated by William Ewing.


Edward S. Curtis is considered one of the world’s most famous and accomplished photographers — and justly so, given the depth and breadth of his monumental study of North America’s Native peoples and his artistry. While there have been a variety of Curtis exhibitions and publications over the years, never before has so much of his best  work been presented in a single exhibition, nor investigated so closely by distinguished curators and scholars.Edward S. Curtis: Events Beyond Words looks at three aspects of Curtis’ life-time achievement: Curtis as a highly skilled photographer; the vast œuvre itself; and the complex man behind the camera. Edward S. Curtis: Events Beyond Wordsoffers an unprecedented exhibition opportunity. The  exhibition is also a fitting commemoration of the 150th anniversary of his birth. 

Edward S. Curtis: Events Beyond Words is a unique selection of vintage photographs by Edward S. Curtis, highlighting both iconic and little-known images, many printed with the photographer’s trademark expertise. The prints, many rare, are among the finest examples that exist and, in some cases, are the only known examples of particular images. Every type of subject matter, cultural/ geographic area, genre of photography and medium in which Curtis worked, is represented. Many of the prints have a distinguished provenance: Edward Curtis’ personal collection, or important public or private collections built over the past forty years. This exhibition will be the largest and most broad-ranging Curtis exhibition ever mounted that features significant representation of all mediums in which he worked.

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