Minnesota Initiative

Minnesota Photographic Artist Initiative is dedicated to exhibiting and supporting photographic artists who live and work in the state of Minnesota. The goal of the program is to develop exhibitions, publications and educational programs featuring the work of the many talented Minnesotan photographers. FEP will present these exhibitions in Minnesota, the Midwest Region, and elsewhere in North America.

FEP is uniquely positioned to bring attention to MN artists due to our success on the national and international stage. Artists who participate in the Minnesota Photographic Artist Initiative will benefit from FEP’s excellent reputation for developing and managing first-rate photography exhibitions in North and South America, Europe, and Asia – indeed, across the globe. Exhibiting artists also benefit from access to FEP’s professional support services including curatorial expertise, exhibition planning, publication design and installation. Our Minneapolis exhibitions and related programs provide a forum for engaging the audience in intellectually stimulating discussions about history, art, technology, and culture. The Minnesota Photographic Artist Initiative is an important means of enriching the local community through the art of photography.

Our Exhibitions


Revisiting Twain's Mississippi

In the years 1882-1892, Henry Peter Bosse travelled the Upper Mississippi River Valley, as a photographer with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, while engaged in a serious and historic undertaking. Today, some 125 years later, Bosse’s navigational maps in hand, St. Paul native Chris Faust has carefully re-photographing the same views as Bosse, aided by modern GPS and the help of Army maps.


Mexican Baroque


Xavier Tavera, born in Mexico City in 1971 and based in Minneapolis since 1996, is a conscientious and thought-provoking photographer who has made compelling portraits of people from all walks of life; however, he is best known for his nuanced portraits of members of the Latino community. These powerful pictures challenge our notions of race, gender, and class by subverting stereotypes and capturing the humor and pathos in identity itself.  Viewers who carefully examine these images can expect to question their own assumptions, biases and prejudices.

Past Exhibitions


The World in a Few States

American photography has always been characterized by an intrepid spirit of exploration. Stuart Klipper, a prolific Minnesota photographer, follows in this great tradition. Known for his wide panoramic format, he has accomplished an impressive goal: photographs in all fifty states of the USA, and at all four points of the compass, from the grain elevators of North Dakota to the bayou of Louisiana, from the dairy farms of New Hampshire to the cattle ranches of Montana.



On the Nest

Dona Schwartz's On the Nest comprises two distinct but complementary bodies of work; indeed they address both sides of the same coin - that bewildering and emotionally fraught responsibility we have come to call parenting. Schwartz tackles her subject with sensitivity and grace, lightened by a tongue-in-cheek humor.



Alone, Together, Apart

The Minnesota-based documentary photographer Tom Arndt has been a life-long, tireless observer of the world. Since the late 1960s Arndt has become the state’s leading documentary photographer. Alone, Together, Apart: Tom Arndt’s Dance of Life comprehensively surveys Arndt’s deeply empathetic views of urban and small town life, agrarian existence, family gatherings, and political protests and campaigns: humanity – alone, together, and apart.