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Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography NewsletterNovember 2012

Opening Coming into Fashion, Berlin, August 2012

From Austin to Zurich!

New exhibitions and publications


This year has been very productive for us, having completed preparations of two major exhibitions along with their companion catalogues.  We had the good fortune to open them both at the very fine German venue, C/O Berlin.  The first of these was a major retrospective (in fact, the first posthumous retrospective) of the eminent portrait photographer, Arnold Newman. “Arnold Newman: Masterclass” is a wide-ranging, 200-print retrospective full for surprises, even for those who might think that they already know Newman's work well. Curator William Ewing, in characteristic style, has come up with scores of works which have never been exhibited or published. Many of these were found in the Arnold and Augusta Newman Foundation in New York, but a good number of work prints and contact prints were also selected from the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas, Austin; as well, a number of private collectors loaned generously. After Berlin, the show travelled to the Fotomuseum den Haag, Holland, where it is on display at this moment and, we have just heard from Director Wim van Sinderen, is attracting tremendous interest. Early next year it will begin its American tour at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, our co-organizer. The book, with text contributions from Arthur Ollman and David Coleman in addition to curator, William Ewing, and an extensive 'Who's Who' by Corinne Currat, was published in American and English editions by Thames & Hudson.


Our second big unveiling this year was the wide-ranging, century-spanning, “Coming into Fashion:  A Century of Photography at Conde Nast". Never before has the Conde Nast Archive, rich in photographic history, been mined so thoroughly from a specific angle: i.e., the moment when each of the great fashion photographers, from Baron de Meyer and Edward Steichen to Corinne Day and Tim Walker, burst onto the scene. Curator Nathalie Herschdorfer was the first outside curator to have been given unfettered access to these fabulous archives (8 million prints!), not only in NY but also in Paris, Milan and London. Once again we inaugurated the show at C/O Berlin, and were amazed when 4500 people turned up for the opening! Meanwhile, the exhibition catalogue has been published in English, American, French, German, and Italian, with Russian and Spanish editions to come, also by Thames & Hudson.


Ongoing exhibitions


Meanwhile, response to our work with Edward Steichen continues to be strong (I won't go into detail here, but this major engagement with Steichen has resulted in three exhibitions). “Edward Steichen: In High Fashion”, will open on January 26, 2013 in Tokyo at the Setagaya Art Museum.  William Ewing has been invited to give his lecture on the history of fashion photography the following day.  The smaller but no less forceful Steichen show that we curated in response to exceptional interest, “Star Power: Edward Steichen’s Glamour Photography”, focusing essentially on Steichen's celebrity portraiture, opened recently at the Taft Museum of Art in Cincinnati to much interest, as we are showing work which has never been previously exhibited. The exhibition is part of the program for the first of a series of biannual programs in Cincinnati devoted to photography.  Steichen’s granddaughter, Maria Steichen Calderone was in attendance, as was Luke Erickson, director of FEP’s Minnesota office.


Minnesota activities

Speaking of our office at our home base in Minnesota, it has been a busy time for us there as well.  Funded by a grant from the Minnesota State Legacy Fund, as administered by CPRSL, Luke Erickson has now launched two exhibitions of our Minnesota Photographic Artists Series.  The first, an exhibition of Edward S. Curtis prints from the Christopher Cardozo collection, opened in August at MHS Indian Museum in Onamia, and has just now opened at its second venue at the Hennepin County Central Library, Minneapolis. A large and enthusiastic crowd attended the opening.  The second show features Chris Faust’s work, a show of contemporary panoramic landscape photographs, many of them juxtaposed with Bosse's historic survey photos from the 1880’s. This will open in December at the Great River Regional Library in St. Cloud, MN.   Interestingly, the McKnight Foundation, an important sponsor of cultural activities that is based in Minnesota, has been following Faust’s project for some time because of its relevance to their interest in water resources and has requested to present the exhibition in their Minneapolis building.



Soon to be launched

Looking ahead, we are in the process of completing our collaboration with the Jeu de Paume and Delmonico Books/Prestel, led by curator Joan Simon, on our Lorna Simpson retrospective. This will open in Paris in late May, 2013. Lorna Simpson is one of the most prominent African-American artists of her generation working with photography and video.  Having shown widely at American museums, including the Whitney Museum of American Art and MOCA in Los Angeles, this major mid-career retrospective will be her first major exhibition at an important European museum.



And in the pipeline

We are embarking on a number of other projects, one a major exhibition on Polaroid, in collaboration with M.I.T. Museum, holders of the impressive technical archive. On the one hand this wide-ranging show will take a comprehensive look at the most accomplished Polaroid art; on the other, it will look closely at the technical prowess of Edwin Land and his innovative corporation. Industry, commerce, the military, amateur and professional uses of Polaroid - all will be dealt with in for this ground-breaking exhibition in 2015.


We are also working on several other projects that you will hear about in newsletters to come, but we are not quite ready to divulge our secrets! For the moment, let me just alert you to exhibitions coming up in the following cities in 2013:


Milan in January (Coming into Fashion)

Tokyo in January (Steichen)

Austin in February (Arnold Newman)

Winston-Salem in February (Steichen)

Paris in May (Lorna Simpson)

Edinburgh in June (Coming into Fashion)

San Diego in June (Arnold Newman)

Madrid in September (Coming into Fashion)

Munich in October (Lorna Simpson)

Melbourne in November (Steichen)

Zurich in November (Coming into Fashion)


If any of you will be in these cities or would like to know more about the exhibitions and the specific venues, please let me know. It would be great to see you there!  For fellow Minnesotans that want to know more about our exhibition openings in the state, please consult our website at this address: http://www.fep-photo.org/more/minnesota-initiative/


Finally, we wanted to announce that our “Coming into Fashion” exhibition has been selected to have a small portion of it shown at a special booth in the VIP section of Art Basel/Miami Beach in early December.  Let me say again that if any of you will be attending, please let us know.  Nathalie Herschdorfer and I will be there from the 5th to the 9th and look forward to seeing some of you there.


Best Regards from Lausanne!


Todd Brandow

Executive Director of FEP