The exhibition was held in 37 countries on 5 continents from 2006 until 2011.

Exhibition sponsors

This exhibition was organized with the help of


Edward S. Curtis and "The North American Indian"

Modern Prints

Curated by Todd Brandow.


This unique photographic exhibition is being created expressly to allow powerful images of the North American Indian to be more widely exhibited and seen. Freed from the limitations imposed by sensitive vintage photographs, this exhibition will be available to communities without modern museums and in exhibition venues without sophisticated environmental controls.

The principal goal of each sixty-print exhibition is to celebrate Native Americans and their history and culture. The exhibition will pay homage to the famed photographer/ethnographer Edward S. Curtis and will illustrate the broad and extraordinary diversity of North American tribes.

Each exhibition will contain sixty museum-quality fine art photographic prints; most prints will be re-creations of extremely rare processes originally employed by Curtis for his most prized images. This exhibition will be a radical improvement upon all previous exhibitions of non-vintage Curtis photographs.

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A comprehensive catalogue has been created, "Sacred Legacy: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian," examining his accomplishments and their importance. This book is the most beautifully printed book on Curtis ever and was published under the guidance of Mr. Cardozo. In addition to texts written by Christopher Cardozo, contributing authors include Pulitzer Prize winning Native American author, N. Scott Momaday, award winning director of a documentary on Curtis, Anne Makepeace, and Joseph Horse Capture. A foreign language edition has been published in French by Editions Marval and in Spanish by Christopher Cardozo Inc, in collaboration with FEP. Special price considerations will be given depending upon the quantity of books purchased.

Hardcover, 192 pages, 200 illustrations