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Nadav Kander

Curated by David Campany

Nadav Kander has made some of the most beautiful and celebrated photographs of recent times. From presidents and film stars to the banks of China’s great Yangtze river and the stark landscapes of Chernobyl; from portraits of the unknown and studies of the human form, to the Arctic Circle and the shores of the Thames estuary, Kander’s path has been epic yet intimate. A master picture maker and a tireless experimenter, he searches for the unexpected resonance in people and places, those moments when something profound is revealed to the eye and the camera.

Kander has rarely looked back but for this major exhibition he is working with curator David Campany, sifting through four decades’ of constant image making. The well-known projects, and the singular images; the commissioned work and the more private pursuits. Cutting across genres and projects, the exhibition draws out the hidden threads that connect all his work: the fragility of human existence, the passing of time, the grain of the everyday and the hope of something transcendent.

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